Heal Your Body – Berlin, Germany November 15th-18th, 2018

This will be one of the most powerful learning opportunities you could ever experience. You will learn how to use cutting-edge techniques to address your issues in the privacy of your own mind. The skills that Robert Gene Smith teaches can be applied in many situations. There will be opportunities to be a demonstration subject, on a STRICTLY VOLUNTARY basis. You will also gain benefits from observing and practicing while demonstrations are going on. Early bird access: Get your tickets here!



screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-00-54-49Late night post here. As always when it’s 11.30pm and I’ve planned to have a good night’s sleep, an idea will wrestle me awake! And well, here we are. I’ve been struggling to write about my recent trip to Berlin and it’s a tricky one. I loved it the 3 last times I visited, and I mean really loved it. I was under its spell. But this time – it just wasn’t there for me. Now I don’t know if it was me, the time of year (freezing, worse-than-London freezing), or a case of too high expectations.

Read more in Wading Wade’s post with a realistic view on Berlin. And definitely check up her insightful travel blog!

Dating Berlin. An introduction to madness

It was one of those perfect early weekend mornings, when you get out of the club and can smell the fresh air again. I opted to walk home, even though it took an eternity, instead of calling a cab or waiting for the subway. That was the moment when I started dating my city.

Berlin is mean. Every encounter is a new experience and, once trapped, you never want to leave again. I didn’t find a crumbling Colosseum on my way that morning, neither did I see an Eiffel Tower, or anything else that impresses at first glance. Instead, the smell of the cafes still open at 5 am, tired ravers ordering the famous after-party Berliner Currywurst at a corner stand, bizarre pieces of art in gallery windows, remains of the Berlin Wall turned into a canvas for graffiti – block after block, it slowly got under my skin. It was a feeling that outdid any Paris or Rome. Continue reading Dating Berlin. An introduction to madness

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Berlin Day Hike: Seddiner See and Beelitz Heilstätten

Wonderful pictures of the area around Berlin by hikeminded.wordpress.com Enjoy and visit their website for more! 🙂


Location: Around Großer Seddiner See and a trip across through the area of Beelitz Heilstätten / Distance: 14,5 km / Weather: 18 °C, sunny / Unfortunately you cannot visit Beelitz Heilstätten without a guide anymore. The same procedure as on Teufelsberg: You have to pay to enter the area. 

Großer Seddiner See:


Beelitz Heilstätten:


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Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

There are over 60 Christmas Markets in Berlin every year: traditional markets, design markets, organic food markets, nostalgic ones, modern ones, have your pick! Anyway, the cozy season with mulled wine and roasted almonds is about to begin. Here’s a list of the city’s most beautiful Weihnachtsmärkte and their opening times, by VisitBerlin.

Around Berlin

You’ll certainly have lots of things to do in Berlin, but Brandenburg (the federal state around Berlin ) isn’t short of attractions to enjoy during your stay. Believe it or not, there are about 3.000 lakes in Brandenburg (Europe’s largest landscape of rivers and lakes), plenty of cycling and hiking routes, cozy markets, palaces, parks etc.

Here, the area around Klaistow, about 50 km South-West of Berlin, on a Sunday afternoon.

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